Bring the digital universe
right in your store!

The VUSION Retail IoT platform brings together electronic shelf labels, a powerful IoT communication infrastructure, high-resolution color displays, sensors, NFC technology, fast data transfer capabilities, and LED vision technology, in a portal integrating multiple cloud-based applications that automate store operations, customer service, and data analytics.

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Digitally transform retail operations

Automate pricing across all your stores and benefit from additional features such as product geolocation functionalities,

real-time planogram management, digital solutions, and customer connectivity services.

Change prices in all stores in seconds without worrying about errors.

ESL-based solution

Electronic shelf labels
Micro web pages

In-Cloud Platform
Remote store management

On-shelf availability

Vusion Rail
Shelf advertising

How electronic shelf labels work

VUSION ESL key features

Seamless blending in any environment

Electronic shelf labels are waterproof and dustproof and perform reliably in any conditions. The solution includes special freezer labels which are designed to operate in temperatures as low as -25°C.

Vusion design

Extremely slim compared to any other labels.
Add a modern touch to any store.
The displayed information can be adapted to store requirements.

Instant LED flashing

Super-wide viewing angle, seven colors.
A true trendsetter in electronic shelf labelling.
IEC 62471:2006 Photobiological Safety.


The Easylock anti-theft system enables secure fixing of shelf labels within the store in line with the merchandising requirements.


Best-in-class ESL display. 10 years’ experience in e-Paper technology building on the integration of Pervasive Displays.

Dual frequency

Use a frequency that best fits your needs. With two radio frequencies – 2.4 GHz and SubONE – VUSION electronic shelf labels offer different functionalities.

IoT protocol

IoT VUSION shelf labels use the IoT VUSION protocol for seamless in-store connectivity between retailer, brands, and customers.

Worldwide leader

Winner of multiple global awards.

What our customers say ?

Eight reasons why you need VUSION electronic shelf labels

Margin optimization

Identify, analyze, and monitor the main trends relating to sales, stocks, and waste. Get insights to improve sales and margins.

Inventory management

IoT sensors help you to monitor shelves, to replenish products, to identify stock-outs in real time, to manage planograms, and to ensure compliance.

– 70% less time required to create planograms

Asset Management includes registration, export, and printing functionalities. Users having the required access privileges can modify the existing entries of fixed assets/inventory items or can even remove fixed assets/inventory items from the database.

On-shelf marketing

Seven-color displays with unparalleled resolution and density for impactful marketing campaigns, and premium information display at minimal prices

Fast ROI

As a result of time and paper savings, and of cutting down on stocks, workforce, trade, and stock-out costs, you can expect return on investment within five years.

Error elimination

Eliminate all errors associated with manual processes through pricing automation. This process alone will generate savings of thousands of EUROS.

Staff reallocation

Automate in-store processes across your entire network and free your staff to focus on tasks that add value to the selling process and improve customer experience.

Waste reduction

Connect your electronic shelf labels with Shelf Watch, a solution that identifies any anomalies on the shelves, transfers the information to the digital map of the store, and reports corrective measures.

Smart ID offers you accessible technical support:

Easy monitoring of equipment and software;
Flexible service functionalities and minimal security interventions;
Native POS system and POS mode;
Customization options in line with the industry standard.

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