Standard Warranties

All products available on are sold with manufacturer’s warranty. Equipment manufacturers we partner with currently provide one-year warranties for printers and mobile computers and five-year warranties for barcode scanners in normal operating conditions. Warranties may vary depending on manufacturer.

Extended Warranties

In general, manufacturers provide different types of extended warranties that set out the obligation of the manufacturer to repair the product within five days or on the same day.

In such cases, the manufacturer supplies a similar replacement product until the faulty product is repaired.

In the next stage, you must send the faulty product without delay to Shipping costs will be borne by the company that owns the product.

Shipping costs for the delivery of the repaired product to the company that owns it will be borne by

The most popular extended warranties are:

  • Comprehensive Warranty

We recommend extended warranty agreements that provide coverage for manufacturing defects.

  • Extended Warranty (full CASCO)

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and damage caused by the user.

For more information, please contact our Service and Technical Support Department.

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