Transform your utility business

Larger data volumes require faster decisions. We provide automation solutions for your field operations using mobile apps and devices that enable real-time communication between the mobile workforce and the back-office staff.

SmartID. Asset Management

Automation solution that enables you to manage your assets throughout their complete lifecycle. You can manage maintenance, incidents, consumable replenishment, and industry compliance.

SmartID.Workforce Management

It helps you automate, plan and streamline communication between the back-office staff and the mobile workforce. It includes incident solving, maintenance, field inspections and customer service.

Linx. Push-to-Talk

Instant communication solution (Push-to-Talk), track & trace, on the go compliance management, access to data and resources, interactive map viewing, emergency alerts and incident reporting.


SME and Enterprise mobility solution. It enables automation of printer, endpoint and sensor enrollment, OS, email, app, and content configuration. It includes remote help desk support.