Workforce Connect

Improve communication between
all your employees to optimize
the operational workflow at the level of each process!

As 86% of organizations consider that frontline workers need to rely on technology to get an overview of the business and to be able to make good decisions on the moment, Zebra Technology anticipates customer’s needs and finds the most efficient solution: Zebra Workforce Connect.

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Provide access to real time information and more to create
high-value interactions, using Zebra Workforce Connect Push to Talk Pro!

Through a single platform, Zebra Workforce Connect ensures the integration of all
the necessary features for instant communication of the frontline workforce, both by voice and secure messaging
services (audio, text, images) on mobile devices equipped with Android or iOS system.

Zebra Workforce Connect
- Major industries applicability


  • Helps retail associates deliver optimal customer service
  • Increases task management efficiency
  • Speeds up business workflow
  • Improves ROI by minimizing losses


  • Provides access to real-time information
  • Improves maintenance reporting speed
  • Increases delivery and dispatch operations efficiency
  • Helps support worker safety and security


  • Ensures faster responses to patient needs
  • Provides easier and faster medical staff communication
  • Increases work efficiency across departments
  • Facilitates ease of finding medical equipment and staff

Why Zebra Workforce Connect?

Hands-free communication:

Assures enterprise-class instant push to talk voice communications, between two users or within a group.

Secured messages:

Provides messaging services that support text, images, and audio, available for mobile devices with Android or iOS system.

Worldwide coverage:

Facilitates instant connection regardless of where the workers are located, by using services over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Simple deployment:

Includes straightforward deployment, through remote subscriptions to the WorkForce Connect Push to talk Pro cloud service.

Enhanced visibility:

Monitors fieldworker’s location on a desktop dispatch client, getting real time route reporting and location history.

Improved productivity:

Facilitates collaboration between both coworkers and supervisors, ensuring problem solving and emergency decisions by a simple button click.

Zebra WorkForce Connect main benefits

How can Zebra WorkForce Connect improve workflow for uninterrupted business activity?

Push-to-Talk technology for one-to-one or group communication
Text and multimedia encrypted services, available on mobile devices
Task management features: assign task for individuals or groups
Dynamic group creation (easy group management by adding or removing users)
Locate people and control route status for the field workers
Shared device model: the mobile equipment automatically configurates for each user role
Worker’s safety is insured by placing emergency calls and alerts
Analytics and reports features: create actionable insights into staff activity and performance

Beneficiază acum de serviciile de asistență Zebra One Care:

Reparațiile dispozitivelor Zebra sunt realizate de tehnicieni certificați;
Asistență extinsă, cu suport tehnic permanent și specializat;
Echipamentele sunt înlocuite pe durata intervențiilor din service;
Eficiența reparațiilor este asigurată prin ofertarea pieselor autorizate Zebra.

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